Plastic stencils (5 themes- animals and transportation) View full size

Plastic stencils (5 themes- animals and transportation)

Trace the outlines of the shapes on the stencils then colour them or cut out for other artworks. Furthmore, may alter, add, combine, design different shapes to make interesting objects by using art and craft tools. 

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Plastic stencils(5 themes- animals and transportation)

  • Plastic stencils(5 themes- animal and transportation) 
  • Each set (a theme) has six stencils. After tracing outlines of the shapes, children cut down the shapes along the contour. Develop the ability of paper cutting. 
  • Children are free to use paint, markers, crayons for drawing, rubbing or imprinted, experience the features of different kinds of art materials and tools. 
  • Foster children's eye-hand coordination and patience to work habits. 
  • Stensils can be washed and used repeatedly. 
  • Themes include transportation, sport, animals (2 series), Christmas and marine animals(Total:6series)