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Tactile matching blocks

Using tactile sensation, from the bag take out a piece of block that matches with the task card.   Then place on the task card or the compartment of the wooden stand for matching.

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Tactile matching blocks

  •  It is a fun game specifically aimed at improving and developing both visual and tactile skills. 
  • One of 8 cards showing different shapes is slotted into the stand. The child then chooses from 32 different wooden shapes to find the right match and put it in the appropriate compartment. 
  • Of the 8 cards, 4 have just one shape per compartment while the rest have two shapes per compartment. 
  • To make the game more difficult, the shapes can be kept in the bag provided so that the child has to seek out the right shape by touch alone. 
  • Set contents: 8 assignment cards, 32 different shapes (2 of each = 64 shapes), bag. All supplied in a lidded wooden box. 
  • Manual included. 
  • Wooden stand supplied seperately.
  • Card size: 48 x 14 cm. Box dimensions: 50 x 15 x 6 cm. Stand size: 49 x 8 cm.