Sorting lotto (Marine animals / Pets)puzzle View full size

Sorting lotto (Marine animals / Pets)puzzle

The puzzle consists two themed (Marine animals /pets) picture cards. Each picture card has 8 small cards corresponding to it, and both picture cards can be used simultaneously to increase the degree of difficulty.  

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Sorting lotto (Marine animals / Pets)

  • For classification, matching, grouping or other games, to strengthen the identification, descrimination, logical thinking abilities, language skills, and understanding of animal attributes. 
  • According to children's ability, choose a themed (such as ocean) pictures for pairing. Increasing challenge, all picture cards of the two themes can be mixed together for classification. 
  • Puzzle Size: 40 X 28 cm, including marine and home background picture each; and of 16 small picture cards corresponding to marine or home respectively. 
  • The frame is made of high quality wood and the picture cards are made of  durable plastic boards.